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    Sorry for my recent spate of ideas, but here's another:
    As we get better and more efficient at launching payloads into space, could the future aircraft carriers be space/air-craft carriers. They could have anti-missile defenses, space-specific fighters, and space to air/air to space fighters. The "space force" could be centered around these carriers, just like the modern US navy is centered around the carrier group. The space/air fighters would have to be larger than fighters today, they would have less time in the air, and would have to carry oxidizer. I think that the rocket engines would run on the JP-8 or some other type of kerosene, so you wouldn't need two fuel tanks. Resupply would be a nightmare, but if you can put it into space, you can usually supply it, at a cost. Navy sailors wouldn't have to adjust their schedules that much, they would still be deployed for six months, etc.

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