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    It really can be scary some military weopon plans. The harrp was originally designed to elctrically control weather then the government saw weapon potential and I'm sure we have all hear of rail guns.


    Rail: search rail gun on wikipedia

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    Without conspiracy theories the world would be less interesting.

    Without conspiracy theorists the average IQ of humanity would be higher.

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    lmao.... ....isn't it the truth though....

    as for the rail gun,... i know.... ive tried to make one. they are harder than they look...

    but as for altering th weather with high long frequency waves, it's rediculus.
    good luck even getting the short wave lengths into the ionosphere. you's be talking a lot of energy.

    a high frequency wave doesnt travel as far as a low frequency wave.

    thats why you can hear a lower pitched sound better than a higher pitched sound at a given distence. because the lower pitched ones are traveling farther.

    and even if you did get them that far, it takes more than a small patch of ionized air to manipulate a jetstream. im taking a class on meteorology, and there's only around 1-2 jetstreams over the US. either of which is already being affected by air masses,.. oh, .. just about the size of the north american continent. perhaps a little bigger if your accounting for ocianic air currents, which is where your moisture comes from.

    even if you did that, jetstreams arnt extreamly major factors in the occurance of percipitation. those rely more on air pressure, tempurature, humidity. it's like saying that if the wind blows your going to get rain....
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    We recently discussed HAARP here:
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    This article is pretty good. Even believing that its technical assertions might have merit, I still don't exactly see conspiracy in it all. Whenever the military sees a new technology that has the potential to be weaponized, they naturally seize it up because they don't want someone else to weaponize it.

    If the secret ever does get out, then we'll be the ones who had it first, and that means we've had time to try and find countermeasures, and we've totally worked out all the technical issues, so we'll be so far ahead of the game that whoever else learns the secret might as well not bother themselves to try and apply it.

    There's no reason to doubt you can manipulate the weather. Controlling it outright might be a bit much, but giving a subtle little push or shove in the desired direction can have results sometimes. Like the rudder on a ship, you don't try to navigate by moving the waves of the ocean, just softly steer.
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