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Thread: Help needed to identify a quarry device (Ophiolite?)

  1. #1 Help needed to identify a quarry device (Ophiolite?) 
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    Many years ago, I heard of a new technology being proposed to split rocks in quarries. It consisted of metallic cylinders made out of a special alloy with a high dilatation factor, which where introduced into open drills in the rock (much as explosives are used) and then where heated until the dilatation forces would break the rock apart.

    The point is, it was experimental back then and I don't recall its name, and I'm curious to know if this technology reached commercial status.

    So, has anyone ever heard of this? Did that technology reach the market, or at least, can someone recall what was the name of the device?

    Ophiolite? (It's not exactly drilling but it's close to the business...)

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