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Thread: A Global Warming Solution.

  1. #1 A Global Warming Solution. 
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    James F. Dillworth
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    Dear Science Forum,

    By placing a thin film in orbit between the earth and sun, we can block some sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth and ocean.

    To block enough sunlight, the diameter of the disk must be about the size of Texas!

    The orbit will be near Geo-synchronous and move in the opposite direction of communication satellites.

    Synchronicity will permit the film to be centered on the line that runs between the earth and the sun.

    Since the orbit will be around the equator, most of the shadow will fall on the ocean and cool it a little.

    The amount of blockage can be regulated by the size of the film so as to balance the effect of greenhouse gasses.

    Splitting the sun block in half will permit a gap for the passage of communication satellites. The two halves can be connected by an arch.

    Although expensive, the installation of the sun block will cost a lot less then the damage from the melting of the polar ice caps.

    Further, we will be able to continue to use fossil fuels. We can increase the extent of the solar blockage as necessary to compensate for rising CO2 levels.

    James F. Dillworth April 22, 2007

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    LMAO !!!!!

    Eat Dolphin, save the Tuna!!!!
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    lol not really a solution to global warming ... more like postponing it.

    ok there are many facts that are for global warming and against it but lets say it was getting really bad and the climates were all changing around the world. im sure there are better things to do than to place a sun block in the path of the light rays from the Sun that reach the Earth. us humans have developed the technology to live in the style we live today and in doing so changed the Earth slighty. we will also have the technology to get past 'melting icecaps' when that does become a reality, not just by putting a sun sheild in place.

    Further, we will be able to continue to use fossil fuels
    they will run out sometime so we shouldnt just deplete those resources then turn to another. we should have all the requirements in place to slowly reduce our use of fossil fuels and eventually just leave them be.
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    It was already proven that huge volcanic eruptions can indeed cool the planet, but that's far from being a controlled process, we could go into a glacial age very quickly. On the other hand don't forget that the oil based energy has a pollution impact that everybody seems to have forgot.
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