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Thread: Space pollution : How do we get rid of all the orbital debris that threatens critical assets like ISS and satellites?!

  1. #1 Space pollution : How do we get rid of all the orbital debris that threatens critical assets like ISS and satellites?! 
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    Astroscale, Inc. is testing a means to eliminate a lot of the space "junk" which is increasingly contaminating regions critical for orbital assets*. And there are thousands of pieces of this junk, and it is moving in all directions at variable speeds.

    Sound like a pretty tall order, but a first test of the concept appears to have worked. This approach involves attaching a "tug" to large objects, like obsolete satellites, and dragging them down to burn up in the atmosphere. That would be a good start, since some of these are bound to collide with other large objects, creating a much bigger mess with many smaller pieces, all creating potential disasters-in-waiting. Clearly something has to be done, and this looks like a good start.

    Quoting from the article:

    "Earlier this year, a gaping hole was discovered in a 58-feet-long arm of the ISS, thought to be caused by an object too tiny to track. The incident came just eight months after the ISS sidestepped another, larger piece of debris. Earth’s debris field now includes 27,000 cataloged objects—from paint chips to spent rocket stages—all which threaten to damage spacefaring investments that cost millions of dollars."

    end quote

    It would seem many people are experts at a lot of things, and some have a great deal of expertise in making messes that are difficult to clean up, on earth or in outer space.

    "Can the World’s First Space Sweeper Make a Dent in Orbiting Debris? "


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