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Thread: Northrop Grumman wins NASA "Gateway" contract for orbital lunar outpost!

  1. #1 Northrop Grumman wins NASA "Gateway" contract for orbital lunar outpost! 
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    In its quest to return to the moon, NASA has contracted with Northrop Grumman for the design of "Gateway", its future orbital lunar outpost*.

    The contract, worth $187 million, is intended to design a mini-space station to orbit the moon and provide a platform for assets which intend to land on the moon. It is also expected to support other payloads for solar, lunar, biological and radiation experiments. And it is intended to provide advanced planning for a manned trip to Mars.

    Canada is building a robotic arm for Gateway, and Japanese and European space agencies plan to contribute to the new platform as well.

    "NASA signs Gateway habitat design contract with Northrop Grumman "


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