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Thread: 1.4614 Martensitic Stainless Steel Properties

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    Does anyone have the machinability rating and chemical composition for 1.4614 martensitic stainless steel? I'm trying to compile a list for our in-house use of standard materials machinability ratings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The machinability of 1.4614 is similar to those of maraging steels.Cutting speed: Vc ≈ 20 - 30 m/min.Lubricant-coolant: individual choice• An H1150M over aging treatment prior to machining improves the machinability.But, the machined parts must be annealed before the final age hardening treatment.• The optimal cutting conditions depend on the machine tool, the cutting tools, thechip dimensions, the lubricant-cooling fluid, as well as the tolerances and surfacethe roughness to be achieved. See 1.4614 datasheet here.

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