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Thread: Artificial gills - how?

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    Found a website some time ago, that claimed to have figured out how to make a gismo that allowed you to breathe oxygen from the surrounding water, and they were seeking crowd funding to get it on the market. Sounded very exciting, however, a quick readthrough of the claimed principle showed it as a massive hoax, trying to steal mo money from the gulliple of the world.

    But... just out of curiosity... could it be made to work? Like, you put on some kind of stormtrooper helmet, which then diffuses oxygen in and diffuses excess carbon dioxide out into the surrounding water, allowing you to breathe inside an air bubble constantly being automatically kept at set levels of O2 and CO2 (and N2?), and then you could be under water as long as you like, with limited bulky equipment and no gas limit from a SCUBA tank.

    Would there still be issues of decompression sickness and nitrogen narcosis, is what I can't figure out right now. And how deep would you be able to go before physics would still kill you? Tens of meters? Hundreds? Thousands? Provided that the diffusion issue could even be solved.

    (A game I played recently, where your character wore a helmet and could stay under water indefinitely.)

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