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Thread: An oxygen generator?

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    Is there some device which is capable to consume regular air and separate it into oxygen and nitrogen mostly, and give a stream of relatively pure oxygen (extreme purity is not needed)? How much would it cost?

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    Yeah. Machines exist that are able to do that.

    Air separation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There's also the Haber-Bosch process, wherein Nitrogen is captured and combined with Hydrogen to make Ammonia, which is where a lot of the world's fertilizer comes from.

    Haber process - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    A cheaper solution would be to simply buy oxygen tanks for whatever purpose you are attempting to accomplish

    but like kojax said, they do exist.
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    I always dreamed of being able to do that, especially since I'm working with the oxygen-acetylene cutting and welding. Unfortunately, it's quite unrealistic at small scale.
    I don't know why you want some oxygen but you could consider some solar powered electrolysis if you only went small quantities, just takes a lot of power to produce a bit of gas. On the bright side, you'll get some hydrogen too. Don't know about the purity, I guess it depends on the nature of your solution.
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