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Thread: Stripping gas in EG/DEG/TEG dehydration

  1. #1 Stripping gas in EG/DEG/TEG dehydration 
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    good day

    like the title says, I am looking for a stripping gas that does a better work than the already used methane. I have been looking in the halogenated hydrocarbons and there is little research on a different stripping gas other than methane. a quick intro is done here: TEG Dehydration: How Does the Stripping Gas Work in Lean TEG Regeneration? | Campbell Tip of the Month

    a criteria is the solubility of the new gas in EG/DEG/TEG. this has to be less than the solubility of methane in EG/DEG/TEG. I have come far, but i am stuck at hydrofluorocarbons and especially the fluoromethanes.

    thanks in advance.

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