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Thread: A living concrete ? But how..

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    I m working on a final year project in which I want to create a concrete on which I can grow plants. Now thats has been never done before. And I have only 6 months to complete this project. But m really passionate about it and I want to see the end of the track I have taken.

    Since plants cannot grow in concrete , so I thought of producing some mechanism that would produce pores in concrete after its initial strength completion. Thence , I can plant the seedlings in it. Now the problem is. That the roots of plants would compromise the strucutral integrity of concrete and it would break it. If any one has any better idea , I would be more than grateful to him /her !!!

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    You can grow certain kinds of vines ON concrete, but why would you want to grow anything IN concrete? Can you explain the benefit of such a thing?

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    Place a concrete square inside a tank that you can fill with a little water then put in a strip of grass with soil attached. The water will keep the grass growing on top of the concrete.
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    Hey, there is a college campus here in WA, that utilizes concrete architecture, with a "green roof" made of plants growing on it. I've seen it, its really beautiful and ecologically sound:
    Evergreen State College - Environmentally Friendly Building (see "green roof" section)
    As far as integrating concrete and growing together, the architects behind that got it down, so it might be a place to start your research.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khan4036 View Post
    I m working on a final year project in which I want to create a concrete on which I can grow plants. Now that's has been never done before.
    You should see my driveway.
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