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Thread: Induction charging of BEV's.

  1. #1 Induction charging of BEV's. 
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    From New Scientist 25 January 2014 page 20

    BEV = battery electric vehicle. Electric cars and buses.

    It is now possible to build charging facilities underneath car parks and bus stops. If a BEV stops on such a point, it sends a wireless message saying 'charge me'. Induction then charges the batteries, with 10 minutes being enough for a substantial boost. There are now buses in operation, relying on certain bus stops for their electric charging. Both Renault and Mercedes are developing a system for private electric cars, in which charging occurs where they park.

    John Loughhead of UK Energy Research says " It does not remove all barriers to electric vehicle use, but it certainly chips away at some of them."

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    A system like this would be ideal for expanding our paltry "fleet" of one electric bus here. This solitary vehicle is recharged at the depot. Tindo Solar Bus - Adelaide City Council And the city area is literally a square mile - but they also add in parts of North Adelaide - so the distance limitation is not hard to work with.

    Seeing as South Australia consistently gets 25 to 30% of its power from wind (and occasionally gets 100+% when the wind blows in all the windfarm regions at the same time) a system like this would be a) cleaner, quieter and less smelly and b) very low emissions. And we're only going to increase the renewable power generation proportion so it would get progressively lower emissions as time goes on.

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