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Thread: [Combustion]Reel problem in industrial boiler.

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    Hello to you,
    I belong to a group to solve a big problem on our boiler production plant , I don't have much experience in the field of combustion and boiler so I turn to you maybe some of you are professionals or teachers in the field and can help me .
    It is a water tube boiler , a front panel , two side screen, soil brick, and a 4 gas burner ( who can work with fuel or mixed ) .

    The problem is that the flame became too long when we try to heat a large amount of water , beyond 13, 15 t/ h flame exceeds 3.8m and licks tubes while normally a at full charge she does not exceed 3.5m .
    These were a mess , some of them were calcified a more or less variable layer and other completely clogged ( not look for why and how the water treatment is bad, this problem is being solved ) .
    Another problem to report, the presence of traces of rust (or other stuff ? ) On flexible supply of natural gas burners stainless steel .... gas filters are off ... it's like this , take it as inevitable , Filters impossible to recover at this time.
    maybe we should try to act on the burners or control ( DCS ) to improve the flame until she does not lick the tubes and we can get into the steam load .

    Personally my trail turns to iron oxide used in burners with gas, while the air / fuel ratio is calculated and charged by a calculator, the presence of even small quantities of rusts constantly introduced into combustion affects the burning and the appearance of the flame?

    Because of confidentiality I can not post pictures of installation, I will try to describe as much as possible if you need more informations.
    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Sorry for my english, I'm a french speaker.

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