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Thread: Discussion on Solar refrigerator : How to build ?

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    i want to make a solar refrigerator of better efficiency. i belong to india and their is 45 degree celcious temp out side in summer day. so it is also necessary to child stuff in summer days. solar refrigerator may be a better solution to save electricity and money.
    i only know basic of refrigration ..i want a detailed discussion on solar refrigrator.

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    Building a solar refrigerator first of all demands not very much. You have to get yourself acquainted with the rudiments of p-v or any other system which may be readily sourced in India. Looking at the temperature range you have given, that's a very good resource and i think would be very suitable for the project if properly harnessed. I must say that I am not well grounded in issues like that but the little knowledge i have i think it is feasible. Infact a professor in my department here in Nigeria has done some work to that regard and i believe his works may be of interest to you. In his research, calcium chloride was used due to its ability to absorb ammonia at ordinary temperatures. A solar collector containing calcium chloride (which has absorbed ammonia) when exposed to the sun is heated up to a very high temperature which causes gas to leave the salt (absorbent) and act as refrigerant. I have just given you a tip of the iceberg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezegreat View Post
    I have just given you a tip of the iceberg
    You mean, the tip of the icechest.
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    The ancient Pachatantra states that "water is cool when it contains salt". ...

    The ancient Indians produced ice using vaporization and radiation combined.
    Source: Die Technik des Altertums, Albert Neuburger (1919)

    You mention solar refrigeration, but other methods work in hot climates, namely vaporization zeer pots in Africa and matkas and surahis in India.
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