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    Since 2002 DaS Energy has been developing mechanisms to exploit the energy of CO2. So eye opening was that discovered it was quickly found no price could be attached for such good to the world so all posting became Open Technology free to copy.

    Throughout development the mining industry has been most helpfull, however its shaft seal sizing do not suit micro turbine which can be shaft sealed using leather up to a CO2 temperature of 40*C (100 bar pressure force), but not so for 80*C (10,000 bar pressure force).

    DaS Energy is currentky working with super magnets, circular in shape and having a centre hole. Turbine shaft passes magnet centre hole then passes through turbine casing which on the other side also has magnet fitted over the turbine shaft. Care is taken that identical poles face each other through the turbine casing.

    This creates enormous opposite forces in the form of force feild if you like, as pushing the two magnets together leaves only a micro space between the magnet and turbine casing, that gap is so small no gas may pass through and no friction is incurred as no surfaces contact.

    A problem has arisen however in some magnet material which crushes under the locking force in play to keep the repelling forces bound so close as to exclude any gas passge occuring between them.

    Person having any other ideas to obtain seal to shaft 25mm in diameter be of great assitance .

    Thank you


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