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Thread: What's the best method of polypropylene production?

  1. #1 What's the best method of polypropylene production? 
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    Hello guys!

    I'm studying about different manners of producing polypropylene, and I've found a lot of them.

    Could you tell me what do you think about it? What's the better, and what's more profitable if you are constructing a plant, and anything else?

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    you found them, you decide

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    Well, I can't tell you the best way to produce that kind of material, since I don't produce it as an industrial unit. But I know that there are three traditional ways to produce polypropylene.
    Gas phase process, bulk process or hydrocarbon slurry.

    About the profitability, I'd rather take a look at which technologies some companies are already using. For example, Dow Chemical uses Gas Phase Process, while Exxon and LyondellBassell uses Bulk phase process.

    Polypropylene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I've read some news and they said that US Gulf Coast seems to be a good place for a plant, since there's a lot of chemical plants over there. I think you should search about these plants to know what method they use over there.
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