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Thread: CO2 replacement of the steam turbine

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    CO2 gas and Steam posses the common property of being covertable to both liquid and ice.

    However the two behave entirely different to each other. Water ice at +1* Celsius flashes off to liquid then at +100* Celsius coverts to gas. Where as CO2 Dry-Ice flashes off to gas at -39* Celsius and at +31.2* Celsius converts to liquid then at +32* Celsius converts to gas and Dry-Ice -40* Celsius increasing in volume as temperature increases.

    The driver force to any turbine is measured in Bar pressure (one bar being one attmoshere or 14.2 psi). The lowest bar pressure needed to acivate a turbine generater is 9 bar. The lowest volume need passing through the turbine being one litre per second.

    Water heated to +100* Celsius produces Steam gas force of one bar. CO2 at +100* Celsius has a gas force in excess of 6,000 bar.

    A 175 bar force current at Steam Turbine Power Station Tarong Queensland produces 350 megawatts.

    Steam needs be heated to +550* Celsius to produce 175 bar pressure. This needs huge amounts of lost cooling water to reduce the Steam back to liquid.

    CO2 has peculiar habit of flash cooling needing no outside assistance. This being acheived by aping the expansion chamber of the common fridge.

    Further or alternate cooling is acheived by tubing the hot gas back through the pemanent Dry-Ice formation
    of -40*Celsius

    Both water and CO2 require mechanism to insert either cool gas or liquid back into the boiler.

    In the case of CO2 this may be acheived by compresser etched onto a extented turbine shaft.

    Reducing the mechanics of operation to one moving part.

    The same mechanical layout applies to commercial and domestic electric generation. However much less bar pressure is required. Much less bar pressure needs much less heat.

    The minumum heat need of -10* Celsius provides a working pressure of 9 bar. Working pressure being gas at its hottest as opposed to its cooler temprature going into to the boiler.

    Turbine generaters as well as increasing wattage at higher bar pressure also do so at increased volume per second passing through the turbine.

    The low heat need of Co2 does away with need of high Carbon fuels and may opperate using natural heat sources.

    I having now having survived three explosions resultant from bar pressure exceeding the burst strength of piping employed. Realise further backyard development be hazardess and pass on that known to all other who may have interest.


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