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Thread: Charpy impact testing angle measurement suggestions

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    I am designing my own Charpy impact testing machine and I am unsure what would be the best as well as relatively simple and affordable method I can use to accurately measure the angle the pendulum travels after it has broke the sample. I would also appreciate any complex and more expensive ideas too that I can consider, accuracy and reliability are the most important things.

    I have thought of some methods but a lot of them will cause friction against the pendulum which could over complicate the final calculations.

    For anyone that is not familiar with the Charpy method here is a link to a brief description:

    FAQ: What is Charpy Testing?

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    Perhaps you could use the long exposure, or "bulb" setting on a digital camera. This would record the path of the pendulum without interfering with its travel in any way.

    Another idea:

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    what information is gained?
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