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Thread: need help with elastic modulus (young modulus) problem!

  1. #1 need help with elastic modulus (young modulus) problem! 
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    here's the deal

    two chairs:

    1st chair made of steel with a load of 5000kg of steel results in a 1000mm height ( compression )

    2nd chair made of titanium same load(5000kg) [titanium E=116GPa] results in a 1000mm height too

    need to know what was the height of the 2nd chair before the load is released.

    can anyone help me?

    pic related: base of the chairs, its a square base with an total area of 396mm˛chairs.JPG

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    We cannot do your homework for you. However if you look up the definition of Young's modulus, such as the first equation shown on this wiki page, then you can just plug and chug, and you will arrive at the answer.
    Young's modulus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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