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    any body who is intersested in helping my group do this..

    the dust starts to settle and the eerie silence fades as the noice of the jungle returns. the realisation then sets in that you have crashed into the inhospitable place you have ever seen. your air ship just seemed to lose altitude and you were lucky to land in a small clearing.
    A faint groan then comes from the back of the cockpit. it is professor Ingenuity who, after looking around thw wreck staggers towards you. "what is the damage?" he asks. you both go out to survey the scene. you were circling a huge valley protected by large mountiansides so walking is just not possible, so somehow you need to fix the airship.
    after surveying the damage and the surrounding countryside you find some light cane. there is enough fuselage left to make a number of smaller balloons that could be filled with your spare helium. you find various other matierials ans set to work building an airship to take you and your companions out of the lost world. the system to control your elevators and rudders has been damaged beyond repair so you will have to steer with just the motors.
    you and your team will be given some balsa, tape and other materials. you will also have three motors and a control unit to power your air ship. remember you will have t osteer by using the motors and an additional motor has been supplied to control the inclination of the airship.
    your mind then starts to consider the variables you need to take into account. there is trim, displacement, should your engines be mounted close together or far apart and will your balloons loose helium during the long flight back. you also note that to get airborne again you will have to negoitate canyons and other geogolgical barriers.
    you will have a set period to build and test your airship. then you will have to negotiate a course in two directions changing pilots part way through. you are allowed to have two people at the controls if you need to. it will be important to get as much time as possible to master the controls of your new airship. all team members will have to take a turn at the controls during thr evaluation.

    what we need to do is:
    describe inital ideas that we have generated
    detail the final design suggestion including its strengths and weaknesses
    the design must include:
    description of the intended model
    list of materials
    labeled, scale drawing of the design

    email me..

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