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Thread: does anybody else engineer stuff like this as a hobby?

  1. #1 does anybody else engineer stuff like this as a hobby? 
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    These are some parts of a project im working on made to enhance security and privacy in various ways. Some parts of the system are custom encryption programs, practically 100% anonymous internet access, custom network setups thatre more secure ,hidden vaults safes and tunnels, insulating mesh to keep out signals, modified firewall like programs, custom operating systems, bulletproof glass and doors (to keep wild animals at bay) laser alarm setup and hidden motion detectors(with cameras which record everything 24/7)
    the customness of the programs makes them less familiar to hackers and virus programs. which lessens the chance of a virus doing anything or a hacker being familiar with stuff. thats why this system incorperates those into its design.

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    i do this type of stuuf all he time wen im bored ad have free time...
    ive made a couple of homemade tazers and tesla coils for fun... im a big pyromaniac and love playin with electricity!!
    ometies id make random program on my computer along with some webpages

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    good for you-come back when you have a real question and can spell--bye
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