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    I was thinking about something just now

    What if instead of springs as suspension, you could have a simple long screw and a motor at the end of it. and at the bottom is a wheel that is mechanical anchored there.

    Anchored wheel at bottom of screw, at top of screw a motor to spin the screw.
    The motor anchored to a hinge on the body of vehicle, the wheel anchored to a hinge that connects with another hinge on the body of the vehicle.

    Were going to drop this vehicle, we lift the vehicle in the air say 5' feet. The motor spins the screw witch extends the wheel so that the wheel is hanging as low is it can mechanical go, then we drop the vehicle. The vehicle drops and the wheel hits the ground. the motor will automatically spin the screw in a way that the screw imitates a spring, thus the energy from the impact is absorbed and dissipates in the screw as if it were a spring.

    This method can be capable of supporting multitons of weight because the all wight is on a solid screw basically a solid metal pole

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