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Thread: How space ships hover, in sci-fi art.

  1. #1 How space ships hover, in sci-fi art. 
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    I notice that space ships were hovering, I thought and really to get thousands of tons to levitate must use up a lot of energy and fuel ect..
    so I came up with this idea, maybe the ship drops a device to the surface of the planet, and that device can generate a magnetic field and maneuver the field in such a way that the ship in the air can levitate without consuming any fuel, energy ect..
    perhaps these sci-fi city's have these magnetic devices placed all around them for ships to dock.

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    Then again, maybe it's just photoshopped. Moving to pseudoscience.

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    They use Anti-Gravity - well Gravity Control Systems.

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    That's why they call it Science FICTION!
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    Nope, you're all wrong, these aliens breath in hydrogen and out helium, - this causes a little heat and thus the ship remains elevated by hot gas, just like most other posts!
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