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Thread: What metal would heat the best?

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    Hello everyone,

    I am a bit of a novice when it comes to science. I have been doing a lot of research online to figure out the answer to my project. I want to know if you would please put your input on here and help me out if possible.

    I want to figure out what metal is the most cost-efficient and best choice to use if I wanted to heat it up via electric currents....

    Basically if I took a sheet of aluminum that was let's say 3 times the thickness of reynold's wrap and I connected it to a 9 volt battery, would it the best the best choice to heat the fastest (that is also cost-effective) and cool down the fastest? The reason for this is so I can see what temperature (depending on humidity and water level) I would need to heat up the foil to evaporate an inch of rain fall onto the paper over the period of an hour.

    Is there any way to know how much electric power goes to the sheet of foil? If I wanted to get it to 85 degrees, how much power would that take?

    I will have some follow up questions, but I wanted to give this a start and go from there!

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