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Thread: Magnetic Tiles and suit explained

  1. #1 Magnetic Tiles and suit explained 
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    I guess I need to clarify my idea so that everyone here can understand. Imagine a 12 x 12 room with 144 tiles all measuring 1sq ft. on the floor and on the ceiling. the surface of the tiles on the floor would be polarized south. The ceiling has these tiles as well but the interior surface or ceiling surface would be polarized north. this would create an equal downward force throughout the room at any height in an ideal situation. The magnets on the suit are NOT powered by electricity but are standard magnetic metals or substances. Although there is no power the suit is still mechanical in an anotomical sense. it is custom built around the individual using it according to their anotomical dimensions. the magnets are placed in specific positions that will allow for maximum mobility. since the surface of the suit is magnetic north it will be pulled down by the floor and pushed down by the ceiling in any directional case. Since magnets can serve as shields it would also be obvious to create a magnetic suit because magnetic forces repel or syphon the radiation and highspeed nanoparticles in outer space. so since the surface of the suit is magnetic north and north moves in an upward and outward vector this force will to an extent protect the suit user. also the downward forces int the room will also deflect or syphon away the radiation and particles. your bones, organs, brain, and muscles will all be preserved thus allowing for safe deep space travel. although at this moment we have no efficient way of protecting electrical circuits from magnetic forces the room still can serve as a room for sustaining the body. plastics can be used in many ways so this magnetic room will not be useless. also if we can harness a cheap and easy way to produce a superconductor we could then use this for cancelling out the magnetic forces in certian areas of a spacecraft or room so i can watch my satellite tv in my magnetic room that is protecting me and supporting my mind and body!!!!!!

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