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Thread: Iron Man suit - Possible?

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    The budget appears to have dwindled and I was expecting greatness from four as a result of switching to animation, wrong. I do agree though it should have ended with the first one, like the matrix but although the forth one was digital, poor digital at that, the story line began to get interesting near to the end. Did you watch it that far?
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    Quote Originally Posted by andythomasthekey View Post
    Did you watch it that far?
    I didn't even know it existed til it was mentioned here.

    Some years back, an old army buddy and I went to a video rental store- Hoolywood video, I think.
    Browsing the shelves, I was amazed to see-
    Dusk til Dawn 3.
    I pointed it out to the buddy- 3?! I had no idea they made a second one. The first was so bad...

    He gave me the, "You're an idiot" look and pointed at the next shelf over...

    Where Dusk til Dawn 4 and Dusk til Dawn 5 were available.

    Some of these folks make George Lucas look really good.
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    The first is actually a fun movie I thought, just so long as the brain is fully disengaged
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    Quote Originally Posted by (In)Sanity View Post
    Well we could also toss in all the development needed to make the thing stable, so you didn't just fall over due to the added weight. Tons of sensors to read your bodies desired movements, etc. The hydraulics I'm sure could be done now, for a cost. In the end without the high tech metals it just becomes a guy in a tin can. You of course could make him/her much more durable then the average person of course, but nothing a bullet can't spot. Unless you make it heavier and larger.

    I think this one falls in to the just not practical category.

    An Iron Man suit would be very hard to get a hold off, as you said as well there is an extreme need of power, essentially you could make a self sustaining generator with a very good conducting wire... The weight is less off a problem as you can build a thin exoskeleton within the armor making it more easy for you to lift the armor, as in one of the movies Iron man is seen in, he cannot move after the power in his suit died.... I would say that we are actually very close to obtaining an Iron man suit but that we are far away from it power wise...
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