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Thread: MHD generator questions and improvement

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    I have some questions regarding MHD generators.
    1)I know that in MHD generator ions and electrons are separated
    and flow in two different channels.How they ultimately unite to form water
    and carbon dioxide or they been reliesed in environment just in form of ions?
    2)What is reasons for MHD generators moderate efficiency?Is it too high temperatures
    needed to create plasma?
    3)What prevents to use strong electrostatic discharges similar to corona discharge to create plasma instead of extremely high temperatures?As I know there is no need for great energy looses to create electric corona.It seems some plasmic reformers already in trials for use as exhaust catalizers.They seem to have high efficiensy.
    How high should be voltage to ionize hydrogen and carbon?
    I think Tesla coil may succeed in this task.

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