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Thread: Which Fin Design gives the best stability for a model rocket

  1. #1 Which Fin Design gives the best stability for a model rocket 
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    Out of those fin designs, can someone please tell me which would be the one that gives the most stability to a model rocket? Also, if possible, PLEASE list three or four of them in the order of their effectiveness. I really appreciate it, and I need this really soon.

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    For subsonic flight, the best compromise is the shape that nearly all modern airplane tails use . . . the Trapezoid. Those that deviate from this basic design will be worse generally based on the degree to which they deviate from ideal. The principle is based on the ratio of lift to drag. The highest ratio is best. Then you choose a size who's area provides the minimum required lift to maintain stability. Three fins are the minimum to provide two dimensional stability and symmetrical drag and lift forces. Four fins give lower lift to drag ratio but are easier to install and maintain symmetry. Five or more are needlessly complex.

    Good luck.

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