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Thread: High displacement piezoelectric actuators?

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    I've taken an interest in the potential for developing some products with piezoelectric actuators. However, I can't seem to find anything with a displacement higher than 0.1mm.

    Nearly everything I've come across indicates that piezoelectric substances work at the sub-millimeter level, but what I'm wondering if there's anything that will work at the centimeter level.

    Also, should such a material exist, how accurately could it be controlled and how flexible would it be?

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    Hi RealSkudd

    I too have been interested in large displacement piezo actuators from many years. Frustrating.

    Its always possible to magnify a small displacement though. Cement a piezo strip near one end of a thin long bar. When the piezo expands it will bend the bar to which it is attached. It goes without saying the the far end of the bar will move proportional to its length and the angle of the bend.

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