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Thread: Concrete Borer for rescue

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    Concrete Borer for rescue

    What is needed is to pre-position on a regional basis, as well as per earthquake country, a portable Concrete Borer. Concrete is porous and weak, and can easily be drilled with a 2 foot wide bit bore, gears, and electric motor, and generator. Also acetylene cutting torch for cutting through iron rod reinforcers. Perhaps liquifier and suction for concrete dust. When cries of ahwie are heard, one could drill; concrete would present no barrier; awkwardness of heavy equipment would not be needed; since the instrument of hope (100s) is there. Simple engineering and manufacture for the world community. An outsourcing project for any government or foundation? Make it so.

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    Drilling a large hole (1 foot++) in concrete is no trivial matter, heavy equipment and lots of power. not to mention the instability oy the area being bored.

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