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Thread: calculating diameter of a filter using only flow rate

  1. #1 calculating diameter of a filter using only flow rate 
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    i have got a problem of calculating the diameter of a wastewater filter. Being a clerk in a wastewater company, i am responsible in doing this job.

    Therefore i need some help!

    If a condominium have a water consumption rate of 3000gallon/day, what can i determine the size(generally the height and the diameter) of the wastewater filter, by obtaining the information about the pressure of the inlet water?

    I hope there is a formula for easier calculation. thanks :-D

    I am very crazy of science. I love science so much that i always study things further of the school syllabus. Hopefully i can learn more things through forums.
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    It sounds like a job for an engineer, not a clerk. If I were you, I would talk to the people who sell filters, and see what they would recommend.

    If there is a similar size condo near you, you could just ask them what size they installed.

    Here is a link to a typical manufacturer's catalog

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