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Thread: FuTesatefu: MUSIC, THERMOMOTION, ORDER, etc., from NOISE

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    in my online file Google("trumpet+jonhays"), I combined what I learned in "Calculus" by Czech-American mathematician Karl Menger and in "Symmetry Discovered: Concepts and Applications in Nature and Science" by American physicist Joe Rosen.--Menger models PROCESS by math of FLUENT (say, integral of f(x)), TREMBLANT (Weierstrass function, "continuous everywhere", "differentable nowhere"), SALIENT (step-function, postage-function).--Rosen notes that, when you blow on the lip of an empty bottle, the air passes RANDOMLY about bottle-neck sides, then ORDERLY (symmetry breaking?) settles into a MUSICAL note from in and out of bottle (pipe-organ style). This models all musical instruments. In Menger's terms: FLUENT TO TREMBLANT TO SALIENT TO TREMBLANT TO FLUENT. (You may notice a similar process by blowing on a grass blade in your mouth.)--I formulated a PROCESS description labeled "FuTesatefu", taking first consonant, first vowel of Menger's stages, initialing for first FLUENT and TREMBLANT.--You're proto-learned in this (knowing but perhaps not knowing you know) from starting an auto (THERMOMOTION). The stable off-stage is FLUENT. Turn key for ignition stage, which is TREMBLANT. Engines "catches" for SALIENT stage. Another TREMBLANT stage as stabilizes into steady flow stage: FLUENT.--I realized one could WIN-WIN HYPOTHESIZE ALL TEMPORARY PROCESSES as FuTesatefu. If find all stages present, WIN If a stage is missing, ask why -- a question not otherwise conceived -- and explanation may be DISCOVERED: WIN.--Are there SaTefutesa processes?

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