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Thread: Complexity of Traveling Salesman Problem

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    I posted this question to the Computer Science forum, but the focus there seems to be more on software and systems. Perhaps Mathematics is a more appropriate place for algorithms/theoretical computer science topics. If you think there is a better forum for this post, please let me know. And now for my question...

    Can the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) be solved in sub-exponential time when restricted to graphs with bounded treewidth? Arnborg and Proskurowski (1989, citation below) gave a linear-time algorithm for Hamiltonian Circuit on graphs with bounded treewidth. Can this be extended to TSP?



    Stefan Arnborg and Andrzej Proskurowski. Linear Time Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems Restricted to Partial k-trees. Discrete Applied Mathematics 23, pp. 11-24. 1989.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    An equivalent formulation in terms of graph theory is: Given a complete weighted graph (where the vertices would represent the cities, the edges would represent the roads, and the weights would be the cost or distance of that road), find a Hamiltonian cycle with the least weight. It can be shown that the requirement of returning to the starting city does not change the computational complexity of the problem.
    In other words, yeah, a result for Hamiltonian circuits should also apply to TSP.

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