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Thread: method to extrapolate groups in a given data set

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    Dear all:
    Is there a software that can mine a dataset and extrapolate and organize its data into groups.
    For example. Lets say we know that Athletes drinks 2x more water than couch potatoes.

    A study was conducted blind and a set of data was given as such.

    subject 1: 1 liter
    subject 2: 1.2 liter
    subject 3: 500 ml
    subject 4: 2 liter
    subject 5: 200 ml
    subject 6: 700 ml

    A computer mining program will then group
    subjects 1,2,4 as group A
    subjects 3, 5, 6 as group B

    Of course in the real world we do not necessarily know that two groups exist in this given data set, or even that athletes drink more water than couch potatoes.

    Alex :wink:

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    The easy way would be to sort the data by the amount of water consumed. Then you would have to specify some criteria as a breakpoint between the groups. It is not clear to me why you grouped the six people as you did, unless you just arbitrarily decided to put the cutoff at 1 liter. The two groups are not athletes and couch potatoes as you have defined them.

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