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Thread: How does one prove the G.U.T.?

  1. #1 How does one prove the G.U.T.? 
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    Well, first of all, I personally think that the G.U.T. isn't just to realize the unification of just science, but really to unite all individuals that believe in themselves and others around them.

    So, first, lets discuss the paradox of my last attempt.

    I presented myself without making any sense at all.

    A paradox to me could be anything that I do not understand.

    Paradox -> 0x = 0

    Parallell -> xy = z

    there is an understanding in the parallell. I know this is obvious to all you guys, but I really have fallen in love with math.

    Now... we all have scientific facts that we believe are accurate, mostly because they have been embraced as such.

    So to prove the Grand Unification Theory, all you really need to do is start drawing parallells between different beliefs.

    My interpretation of positive intellect is simply:


    f(+) = xy^infinity

    and negativity

    f(-) = 0x

    I think most people are positive when they have a "belief" to rest on. So what the GUT is really for is simply, in my opinion, the unification of all beliefs.

    Thats my interpretation for now. Sorry about making a new thread, I am afterall a mathnewbie. Should've gotten in on it waaay earlier cause its alot of fun.

    however, this is how the world works right now:


    most people understand each other... families, friends etc.

    to create the GUT all we really should do is try to parallell our "belief" in sciency to other religions until all our facts are proven through trial and error.

    Then again, I am a musician.

    Sorry about the last poll, i've hurt my brain just by thinking of this alone. I'm lucky I can even type at all. Right now I cannot even focus on my music. Which hurts me more than ever. But I don't need sympathy though. ;D

    I'll get myself on track. Why? Because I basically just gave the foundation for any belief in math, in my opinion, but as i said, im not professional. This is pretty much my most advanced answer and for the pros its the simplest. help me out guys, I have a math encyclopedia I'm currently studying.

    f( BELIEF ) = xy^infinity


    f( DISBELIEF ) = 0x

    Heres how most people think of an individual.

    Individual < Group < Movement < Establishment < Society

    My opinion is simply the opposite. To me there are no "REAL" David & Goliath situations.

    Lets atleast try breaking "The Matrix".

    We broke the matrix. There is no spoon anymore.
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