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Thread: Sorry, guys...

  1. #1 Sorry, guys... 
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    Mar 2008
    I really, sincerely apologize. To say such things as what I did when I am obviously pretty ignorant about math and how it works just makes me a big hypocrite.

    Really, guys, I can learn so much from you and I'm very sorry. Please delete these threads I have created. I will lurk around for a long time before I ever post anything here in the math forum atleast. I hope to partake in the philosophy discussions if it is ok.

    I understand to some extent why I am ignored. I stepped on the "holy grail" of science and probably summoned a false sense of curiousity...

    But whatever, really I'm sorry guys. I hope you can help me with my hacked computer if you want to. Please, at the very least, remove the threads so nobody else gets tricked the way I obviously did.

    But let me explain why I jumped out of the box so quickly.

    20 cans of Jolt in 3 days.

    Thats really all I can say to explain myself. I didn't think of what it meant to you guys and the consequence is simply that I will not speak of math with you guys, only lurk around, learn from you, etc.

    Again, I apologize for this reckless behaviour.

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    Unfair poll - you do not allow 'no'.

    Unfair statement of the problem - belief can be of various types, and only one involves faith. Faith can be observed from a distance and therefore known to occur, without one actually getting involved in it.

    Besides, this belongs in religion or pseudoscience.

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    We'll see, everyone believes they are alive, thus everyone believes in life.


    f( Life ) = ±xy^z

    plus minus could be interpreted as karma, but no, thats not it imo.

    x = knowledge
    y = believing it as an individual
    z = how many other people believe in the same thing.

    f( Death ) = ±x1

    ±x1 -> how much information about this individual is interesting once the person dies.

    As said, I am ofc, a believer in life, the matrix IS after all just a movie.

    others can believe in one individual aswell. I myself believe in scientists.

    Therefore my presence in this VERY impressive forum. So whatever, forget my "Elle" theory. I need some help with a computer issue anyway. ;D

    I'm not a pro at math at all, but I love discussing it with others.

    But sorry for stepping on the big apple of science, guys. Did not wish to offend anyone.

    Thanks for giving a professional response, sunshinewarrio. No flame nothing. Really, thanks. ;D

    And this should actually be in philosophical discussion. Understanding the human mind is what I like most in science. So if an admin would like to move this thread, yes, do it. It should be where it fits the best. Send me a PM if you can to notify me about where it is moved.
    We broke the matrix. There is no spoon anymore.
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