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I see your point in our universe in with we all live a division by 0 is te basic of our existance.
Until this days we as human race we did not get the simple answer , so for us to make this simple 0/0 is an error, that is why computer have +0 and -0 for them to function ... is this ringing some bells for you
Yea, we used to divide by zero all the time in school. Zero goes into anything an infinite amount of times. We used to use the sideways eight to show infinity.

The computers just cannot deal with it well, without other input, or specific instruction. The calculators would just calculate it out until they had no more room to calculate it, and then return an error code.

But if you do the divide 0/0 into something, using fractions it comes out to zero. To be honest it is just choice or perception. I mean you can put a million nothings into a hole, but in reality you put nothing into the hole.

So the answer if calculated by fraction division that uses multiplication, the answer will be zero anyway. If I had a vote I would vote for zero divided by anything is zero.
However in ratio form in a fraction you can use zero in one position of the ratio to create a new proper real ratio.


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