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    Watching EPL and there’s a penalty kick from the spot. When shot is taken: If the keeper is midway between the posts (4 yds) and the shooter is 12 yds out then two right angled triangles are formed, one to the left and one to the right of keeper. Using a calculator I did the math and the penalty spot is 12.65 yds from the inside of the posts.

    On this particular penalty kick the keeper (6 feet tall) dove right way along the goal line just missing the kicked ball which crossed over line very close to inside of post. Couple questions....

    1.Does a keeper have a better chance of stopping a kick by diving along the goal line or outwards on an angle, say maybe to a spot a yard out from goal post?

    2. Is it more advantageous for a keeper to dive off his strong foot towards that side or opposite? IOW if right footed for instance...diving towards right or left one way more advantageous than the other?

    3. Is it better to take a step, even a small one before diving towards one side? Is there enough time?

    Seems like the most accurate shots don’t have the same pace compared to a longer blast where speed is just as critical as accuracy. In the same vein, is a shooter more accurate kicking to the side of the net of his strong foot? IOW right footed more accurate towards what would be keeper’s left. Shooter may also cause ball to curve towards net but this would increase the time it takes for the ball to reach the goal line rather than a straight shot. Are keepers trained in math and physics?

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