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Thread: Can a “dynamic vector” substitute for a tensor?

  1. #1 Can a “dynamic vector” substitute for a tensor? 
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    A vector has magnitude, and direction. The vector includes a frame of reference (orthogonal unit vectors), scalar components, and is also associated with “directional angles”.

    A “dynamic vector” changes from an initial state to a final state. The vector has a subscript indicating the “current state”. The components also have a subscript, indicating the same current state.

    The magnitude and the direction both change, however the frame of reference does not change. The unit vectors do not have a subscript. The “observation” is fixed and the vector is variable.

    Change is represented as the difference between final components and initial components and is associated with “components of difference” having a new subscript.

    If the frame of reference does not change, then there is no need for a tensor. Can a dynamic vector substitute for a tensor?

    If special conditions are true, then the components of difference associated with a dynamic vector of acceleration will give the Schwarzschild metric.

    Reference; 09 The Dynamic Field

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    Ignore and block, the op has a history is seagull posting

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardK View Post
    If the frame of reference does not change, then there is no need for a tensor.
    Confining oneself to a single frame of reference is not considered a benefit.
    There are no paradoxes in relativity, just people's misunderstandings of it.
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