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    Hello Everyone,

    For a math assignment, I have to calculate the static values of a angle profile 150x100x12.

    Now I arrived at question C / D, and I do not really understand what is expected of me, the questions are:

    C) Calculate the momentum of inertia and the centrifugal moment of the cross-section with respect to an orthogonal axle system through the extreme point at the bottom left of the cross-section.

    I thought I had to calculate Iyy and Ixx here:
    I've calculated Iyy at 231.9 x108 * 4 and Ixx at 649.6 * 10 ^ 4 (using Steiner's rule)

    Then question D came:

    D) Calculate the own inertia moments and the centrifugal moment in view of an orthogonal system by Z.

    What is the difference between these questions? With the rule of Steiner you also go through Z. Or did I calculate at c, which actually belongs to question d?

    What formula do I apply apply to question c?

    Attached an image with all data from the corner line, basically all answers are included here.

    Bas, the Netherlands

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