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    I'm currently looking for books and/or websites to further my studies in mathematics. I'm in 8th grade, so I am taking Algebra I as of now, but having aced nearly every single assignment given to me (On top of having read through all of my math book already and doing the practice pages for "fun") I feel as if I can go further, in hopes of disrupting the monotinous boredom in math class. However, I'm not sure of what direction I should take. I do NOT know if I should take Geometry -> Algebra II -> Trig -> Pre Calc and so forth, or whatever. I was hoping some of you math experts or whomever could help me, and recommend books/sites on furthering my studies. Thanks...

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    Uh, math will either be boring or painful no matter how much you know or don't know. Since you're only in eighth grade, I would advise you to take it easy. Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II are pretty straightforward and easy-A classes. The horror begins when you hit Pre-Calc, which I think is the same as Trig.

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    Strange thing is "Calculus".

    They teach it in American schools. I never heard of it until I saw an american movie. Its was something which they didnt teach me in school. Im still not actually sure what it is lol
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    math is fun and those who consider it boring often dont understand the beuaty in it.

    Calculus is the part of math dealing with change and areas of functions
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    Calculus lets you buy the eaxact amount of concrete for that wierd curvy undulating path, - or can make you a fortune by showing how to put the most beans in the tin with the least surface area and maximum packing density. I think it has even been used to design 'bras'. :wink:
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