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    hi everyone. How do i identify questions about conditional probability? Like i have this question, In a senior year of high school graduating class of 100 students, 42 studied maths, 68 psycology, 54 history, 22 studied both history and math, 25 studied both maths and psycology, 7 studied history only, 10 studied all, and 8 did not study neither of the subjects. If a student is selected at random, find the probability that
    a) a person enrolled in psycology takes all 3 subjects
    b) a person not taking psycology is taking both history and maths.

    i am not asking for the solution to this problem just want to know how i can identify it as a conditional probability question. I know it is so because it's in the section of conditional probability in my book . I have previously done similar questions which are not of conditional probability so how do i differentiate between the two because this question is not giving the correct answer unless it is solved by formula for conditional probability

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    A conditional probability question asks for the probability of something given some extra information, so P(taking all 3 subjects given that they're a psychology student). I'm not sure what you mean about similar questions though.

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