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Thread: For life science, should I do calculus?

  1. #1 For life science, should I do calculus? 
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    Hi guys, given that I'm aiming to major in neuroscience, would doing a couple of units (classes) in university/college, of calculus be useful? And if so, why?

    Thank you to those that take the time to reply.

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    Medical studies usually involve statistical analysis. I suggest you determine how much math you would need to understand statistics.

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    Haha good point. I've already gone through two years of a psychology degree, with a bit of statistics, and did a business analysis unit that had statistics in it as well :3
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    Is life science pretty much Family Life? All you need to know is 1+1 = >​ 3.
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    I think uni neuroscience officials (profs, deans etc) would know.

    Ask neuroscience majors.

    Ask neuroscientists you admire. Seriously, they'll probably give you a real-life answer ... and it's a great overture for a summer job or internship or reference.

    Check job postings that interest you for job requirements.

    If all else fails, try Googling various combinations (samples shown below with their hits) of neuroscience with a branch of mathematics:
    neuroscience calculus = 960K hits
    neuroscience algebra = 1,090 Kh
    neuroscience statistics
    = 30,800 Kh
    neuroscience geometry = 4,840 Kh
    neuroscience "game theory" = 530 Kh

    And for controls:
    neuroscience rutabaga
    = 167 Kh
    neuroscience plasticware = 153 Kh

    From what I saw, calculus associates with neuroscience about as low as rutabaga and plasticware do in comparison to statistics. However, this is a rather dubious method seeing as how neuroscience "Lady Gaga" results in 6,390 Kilo-hits. Go figure! However, you may want to study her.

    You may also want to consider what branch of Neuroscience you want to work in:
    • Affective neuroscience
    • Behavioral neuroscience
    • Cellular neuroscience
    • Clinical neuroscience
    • Cognitive neuroscience
    • Computational neuroscience
    • Cultural neuroscience
    • Developmental neuroscience
    • Evolutionary neuroscience
    • Molecular neuroscience
    • Neuroengineering
    • Neuroethology
    • Neuroheuristics
    • Neuroimaging
    • Neuroinformatics
    • Neurolinguistics
    • Neurophysiology
    • Neuropsychology
    • Paleoneurology
    • Social neuroscience
    • Systems neuroscience
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    Monroe, that was amazing XD haha, and at this point, mainly interested in cognitive neuroscience mainly into understanding more about learning, memory, and intelligence (mwahahaha).
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