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Thread: Having trouble understanding how to calculate field of view. Please help.

  1. #1 Having trouble understanding how to calculate field of view. Please help. 
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    Is their a simple formula? Please help me understand how my teacher got these numbers...For 40x magnification lens my teacher measured 4.5 mm in diameter, and got .026 measurement for ocular space.What I don't understand is how he got that umber for ocular space.100x magnified he measured 1.8 mm in diameter and got .0104 for ocular spaceAnd the last one... 400x magnified .45 mm in diameter and .0026 ocular space. So, how did he calculate ocular space?Also is ocular space the circumference of the image? When people refer to the FOV are they talking about diameter and when the say ocular space are they talking about ariea?I've watched videos read my book plugged in formulias any I'm still completly lost. The best way to help me is to just tell me how he got those numbers for ocular space. Because for Fov isn't it just measuring the diameter? You can use a ruler can't you? You only need to do calculations for ocular space correct?

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    I don't know much about this but maybe this link will help you!?!


    good luck!

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