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Thread: basic arithmetic

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    I tried solving this question but I can't seem to get the answer right O.o
    I'd appreciate any sort of help , thankyou ^_^

    Q. The foot of a mountain is at sealevel.
    The temperature at the foot is 16 degree celcius.
    The temperature at a height of 3000m on the mountain was -4 degree celcius.
    Given that temperature fell at costant rate,find
    (i) the temp at a height of 1800m
    (ii) the height at which the temperature was 0 degree

    Ans: (i)4 degree
    (ii) 2400m

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    You are told that the temperature falls at a constant rate so you can draw a straight line between the two data points you are given (altitude 0, T = 16 C; altitde = 3000, T=-4C).

    This gives you the equation:

    altitude = 2400 - 150T

    So for part one

    1800 = 2400 - 150T

    T= 4 C

    For part two if T= 0

    altitude = 2400 - 150*0

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    Thanks man
    bless you
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