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    Behold! I have created a record breaking 25*25*25 magic cube!

    A magic cube is a 3 dimentional version of a magic square. A magic square is a square grid of numbers, each number being used once where each horizontal, vertical and diagonal adds up to the same number:


    I discovered an iterative method to create magic squares which I'll demonstrate below with a 9*9 example:

    1. Create a 3*3 magic square (fig 1)
    2. Copy the square 9 times to fill a 9*9 grid (fig 2)
    3. Make a 9*9 grid with 9 3*3 subsections and copy the each number small magic square in to it's corresponding sub grid as a refference.
    Next make the value of each sub grid (n-1) * 9 (fig 3)
    4. Create a 9*9 grid of numbers by adding the values of fig 2 and fig 3.

    You can also add the values of fig 3 to a completed x-sudoku puzzle to create magic square as well.

    I've used the same iterative method to create an order 25 (25*25*25) magic cube from an order 5 magic cube.

    Anyway here is a download link to my record breaking cube! (requires open office)


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