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Thread: .9999... repeating thing again.

  1. #1 .9999... repeating thing again. 
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    In this thread, at post #82;
    Ninja Pancakes posts this asinine, ignorant crap;
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja Pancakes
    0.999... = X
    10X = 9.99...
    10X-X = 9X = 8.99...1
    X = 8.99...1/9 = 0.999...
    0.999... = 0.999...


    If you're going to play around with an infinite number series, pay attention to the significant digits
    Seeing as ignorance can be cured, a Wiki link was provided; 0.999... - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Apparently, even with help and a proper reference, Ninja Pancakes is still incapable of comprehension. Or unwilling or unable to attempt to understand the prevailing reality, as per the following reply;
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja Pancakes
    I am very familiar with the math. So, you are incorrect on that accord. Trying to debate 0.999... is not equal to 1 with people who accept it blindly as equal to 1 is like trying to debate the existence of God, and is also not the topic of this thread. I love ViHart, and would point out that she has a second, later video, in regard to 0.999... =, != 1.

    Simply saying "nuh uhh, they are exactly equal, nuh uhh" is not a form of argument. I'm content to know that I have a firm grasp of how fractions and the decimal system interact, and have no desire to continue a meaningless off topic debate with you. Please respect this. Thank you.
    By the way, the second ViHart video mentioned by Ninja Pancakes as support for his totally erroneous delusion is in fact an April fools joke. HAH! See; Why Every Proof that .999... = 1 is Wrong - YouTube

    Not only is Ninja Pancakes wrong in this case, but a review of his postings in the afore referenced thread clearly demonstrates a Palinesque hubris of willful ignorance. So while it is unlikely that legitimate mathematical argument or proof will have any effect on Ninja Pancakes delusion, this is an opportunity for him to present his erroneous assumptions to his further embarrassment.

    Oh, I have taken Ninja Pancakes off ignore so that I can enjoy the coming flailing fail.

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    Starting a thread for the purpose of badgering another member is bad form. The topic wa s thoroughly covered in the other thread. Locked.

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