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    Hey, I'm still learning English. I have studied and done the math, and 30 years.
    I will present all of the results, as I learned better English. Here are random power.

    #include <stdio.h>
    unsigned rnd(unsigned max)
       static unsigned R16A=1L;
       static unsigned R16B=2L;
       R16A -= 0x012357bfL;
       R16B += 0xfedca201L;
       R16A += (R16A>>16)^(R16B<<16);
       R16B -= (R16A<<16)^(R16B>>16);
       return (R16A^R16B)%max;
    void main(void)
       for (;;)
          printf("%20d", rnd(0x7fffffff));

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    Diehard tests - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    BTW, you probably want to move those two variables outside the function so you can make a separate seed function so you don't get the same sequence every time you run the program.

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