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Thread: The Truth About Geometric Unity

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    Many of us read the recent Guardian articles by Marcus du Sautoy and Alok Jha that described a potential new 14D geometric theory of everything. Unlike most such theories, Geometric Unity has a unique experimental prediction that can verify it or rule it out. CERN is capable of making this measurement with existing equipment. The mathematics and physics communities have been unable to judge the claims directly since they are looking for papers by Weinstein, and there are none. In fact, the theory was developed by another author and Weinstein's contribution has been to popularize the ideas. If you are interested in the truth, I highly recommend reading the following links.

    This article is non-mathematical and outlines the development and prominent features of Geometric Unity.
    The Truth About Geometric Unity

    This paper contains the mathematical breakthrough. A new interpretation of time leads to a connection between GR and QM. Einstein's equations and the fine structure constant derived from one simple principle.
    Tempus Edax Rerum

    The 14D geometric model is presented in detail. A flaw in the ADM positive-definiteness theorem is identified. A major outstanding issue in Kaluza theory is resolved.
    Geometric Cosmology

    The standard model of particle physics is shown to be a geometric property of the Geometric Unity cosmology. A unique experimental prediction is made.
    Quantum Structure

    The features of the theory are treated in a technical, yet qualitative way. A solution to dark energy is proposed.
    Dark Energy in M-Theory



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    How is this different from the previous thread?

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    Re-posting the exact same material on multiple threads is against forum rules. I suggest you simply address the points raised there instead of spamming this forum.

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    Markus is absolutely correct. You already have a thread in the appropriate section. Please continue with it there. Closing.
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