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Thread: Power Spectrum, estimation from data and recovering of input noise signal

  1. #1 Power Spectrum, estimation from data and recovering of input noise signal 
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    Hi, I have some problems related to the output power spectrum of a LTI (linear time invariant) system. I have run some experiments and I was able to obtain the output of the system when the input was noise. The input is not white noise, so I cannot assume the spectrum of the input equal to '1', from the experimental data and using matlab I was able to estimate the power spectrum. here some questions:
    (1) Do I need to remove the mean of my output signal in order to calculate the power spectrum?, when I remove it the average power is in the order of micro.
    (2) If I have the output power spectrum (calculates form my experimental data) and I know the transfer function of my system, is it possible to estimate the power spectrum of my input signal? (which in this case is noise, not white that is why I would like to know in which band frequency it is present)

    I wanted to do this: "I am adding the output power spectrum of my data when removing the mean and of the raw data, it is in log scale tow of the plots and one is in normal scale, I used the fft matlab function to estimate the power spectrum.", however I was not able to add files for some error during uploading

    Thanks in advance for any help or hint you may give me.

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    What are the units of the output? Could you show a table of your output, before any processing?

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